“hello” iPhone 14 wallpapers pack

I’m wondering if people out there are still getting the positive Dynamic Island vibes. The marquee feature of the new Apple handset, the all new morphable notch is still mostly a mystery to me. However, regardless of your impression of the pill-shaped status indicator, the iPhone 14 advertising wallpapers were design to showcase the black oval.

Combine a modded version of those wallpapers with a classy Macintosh “hello” and you’ve got yourself some incredible backgrounds.

“hello” iPhone 14 wallpaper

But seriously, let’s stop and pause a little bit to discuss the Dynamic Island. Sure, I like how I can quickly get to my navigation or use a timer while also seeing some album art, which redefines the word “thumbnail image.” It’s cool to see a little screen mirroring icon or hotspot logo when these functions are active. But, so far, I have only found two apps that use Dynamic Island in a way that I even find remotely useful. Sports Alerts can place the score of an active game in the Dynamic Island, but didn’t update quickly enough to be useful — although an incredible idea. And, Flighty will post updates about the flight you are tracking — I’ll let you know more after I fly next week about the real-time nature of the updates.

But, new notch aside, Apple seems pretty proud of it, going so far as to enhancing the design in its stock wallpaper collection. One of our iDB fan favorite’s, @AR72014, took inspiration from the stock wallpapers and made them simpler by converting the design into a simple gradient. Add the always famous Apple “hello” logo which now shows on recent versions of iOS 16 to these new gradients, and you have a winning combination.


hello Space Black iPhone 14 Download
iPhone 14 ad Space Black wallpaper mod Download

Silver hello iPhone 14 wallpaper Download
Silver blue iPhone 14 ad gradient wallpaper Download

hello Gold iPhone 14 wallpaper ad Download
Gold gradient iPhone 14 ad wallpaper Download

Deep Purple hello slogan iPhone 14 wallpaper Download
Deep Purple iPhone 14 mod wallpaper Download

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