You’ll soon be able to message yourself on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp self-texting feature lets you message yourself from within WhatsApp because your phone number now shows up in saved contacts.

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  • What’s happening? WhatsApp will show your own number as a contact to let you message yourself, something you can’t do in the current version of the app.
  • Why care? Meta’s new self-messaging feature is great for those times when you’d like to text yourself from within WhatsApp for whatever reason.
  • What to do? Until this feature expands to all users, check out several ways to message someone on WhatsApp without saving their phone number first.

WhatsApp self-texting is in the works

Now, it’s important to note that people could send themselves a message on WhatsApp before this change. It’s just folks couldn’t do it from within the app.

As acknowledged by WhatsApp Help, this feature is called click-to-chat and requires creating a link on the web that will allow you to start a chat with yourself on WhatsApp. But as WABetaInfo reports, Meta is now testing self-texting in the WhatsApp Beta version for iOS [App Store link] and Android.

People who use the WhatsApp Beta can now text themselves by choosing a new entry in the WhatsApp contacts, dubbed Me (You). To clear up any confusion, this automatically creates a card labeled with a “Message yourself” text so you instantly know what it is for. Read: How to create a “My Card” contact on iPhone

How to message yourself on WhatsApp

If you have this feature, you can message yourself like you would any saved contact.

  1. Start a new chat in WhatsApp’s mobile app.
  2. Select your Me card underneath the Contacts on WhatsApp section.
  3. Type your message, then hit the blue arrow to send it to yourself.

Any texts you send to your own phone number shall appear in the chat list alongside conversations with friends and family but with a different caption to make them stand out. Like with other messages, self-texts are automatically synchronized with your other linked devices when using WhatsApp’s multi-device feature. Read: How to check if a phone number has been registered with WhatsApp