Download these internals and X-ray iPhone 14 wallpapers

Now several weeks in the wild, reviewers spent hours creating their YouTube reviews, early adopters complained about buggy operation, and iFixit deconstructed the latest Apple handset.

The productive team at iFixit always tediously takes apart the newest Apple gadgets to give everyone a screw-by-screw understanding of how the hardware comes together and whether they feel like it is a repairable design. In doing so, they made these incredible iPhone 14 teardown wallpapers.

Internals and X-ray wallpapers of iPhone 14

I am always vastly intrigued by how Apple packs technology into such a small space. Sure, if we are being technical, the design, especially of the camera housing, increased slightly over the previous several generations. It seems the days of the blogosphere and Twitter pundits complaining about the “camera bump” are gone.

In my own Twitter wandering, I did not come across any camera bump commentary; however, many noted their impressions of the new 48mp camera and its slight increase in size over the iPhone 13.

Taking a look at the iPhone 14 teardown wallpapers, you can see all of the intricate design work. Per usual, a majority of the internal hardware is the battery. It might be a good time to say that iPhone 14 Pro Max users are complaining about battery life, in comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Personally, I have noticed there does seem to be slightly lower battery life. But, this may just be perception because I can’t stop seeing people complain about it on Twitter. We did make a few iPhone 14 Pro recommendations to enhance battery life, if you feel like there is a performance concern.

Regardless, having these incredible iFixit iPhone 14 teardown wallpapers on your device will cause some heads to turn! I really like the X-ray versions that show the camera housing.

iPhone 14 teardown wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 x-ray wallpaper Download

iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 Pro Max x-ray wallpaper Download

iPhone 14 Pro teardown wallpaper Download

Thanks to iFixit for posting these. They even have dark mode versions of the same wallpapers. Also thanks to our fearless EIC, @SebastienPage for finding them. If you too have incredible wallpapers or know where to find them, please catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate our Wallpapers of the Week gallery. Follow along for mid-week downloads and sneak peaks of upcoming posts.