Wallpapers that make the Dynamic Island pop on iPhone 14 Pro

The Dynamic Island has been met with both fanfare and skepticism. Fans of the new hardware and software feature praise Apple for yet again blending the functionality of the two paradigms. Meanwhile skeptics liken the design to the MacBook Touch Bar, which Apple has now quietly removed from newer machines.

Regardless of your opinion, it is something Apple seems proud to showcase in their own marketing wallpapers. Download these custom wallpapers that enhance the Dynamic Island… they still look good on a “notch.”

Dynamic Island wallpapers

Personally, I am still not sold on the idea of the Dynamic Island. Despite having told iDB colleague Christ Zibreg, I thought a lot of efficiencies could be gained by the Dynamic Island operating as a shortcut of sorts, currently I am still trying to find a great use case for the new capability.

And I use the word capability loosely. iPhone 14 Pro has only been in my hands for a week and same for developers. There could be a great future functionality in third-party hands; however, if the Touch Bar is any indication, there may be weak adoption.

My biggest complaint is placement. Dynamic Island seems to hang slightly lower than the notch, but for what purpose? I notice it a lot more when watching YouTube videos or any media content in full screen. I think seeing a video move around between the Island and the bezel just adds distraction. However, if you are a big fan of calling attention to the design on your Lock Screen or Home Screen, the following wallpapers will enhance that experience.

The first collection of four wallpapers is by fan favorite @AR72014. He constantly releases wallpapers on his twitter feed and has been featured many times in our collection.

AirTag island wallpaper for iPhone Download
Golden Luminous Island iPhone wallpaper Download

Luminous Island pink iPhone wallpaper Download
Rainbows Luminous Island wallpaper for iPhone Download

The following two images are by @EvgeniyZemelko. His original files have the gradient fade from black to white, top to bottom. But, to highlight the Dynamic Island, I horizontally flipped the orientation to reverse the fade into the Dynamic Island.

Purple stars gradient iPhone wallpaper Download
Blue stars iPhone gradient wallpaper Download

Finally, I really liked this mountain image posted by @jianoliu. The top gradient certainly calls attention to the Dynamic Island.

Mountains Dynamic Island gradient iPhone wallpaper Download

What are your thoughts about the Dynamic Island? Do you have any wallpapers that call attention to Apple’s newest design feature? Send them my way! Catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the wallpaper collection, post mid-week downloads, and talk tech.

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