iPhone 14 inspired wallpaper gradients

Early reviews of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are in! The Pro devices are receiving high praise, especially for the 48MP camera that can shoot RAW images for incredible editability. Dynamic Island is still leaving people wanting. While the timer and music Dynamic Island trick is cute, let’s see what third-party developers can do to improve the experience. Regardless, we can all agree the marketing wallpapers are fire.

iPhone 14 gradient wallpapers

iPhone 14 is marketed with some incredible wallpapers that showcase the Dynamic Island. I was a bit shocked in the aggressive shift. In previous years Apple took great care to ensure their advertising wallpapers did not focus on the ‘notch,” instead opting for imagery that almost obfuscated the hardware.

The new iPhone 14 advertising images squarely call attention to the Dynamic Island by using bright color gradients to showcase the pill screen cut out.

Below, @AR72014 created gradients inspired by the official Apple designs. In the following downloads, the gradient wallpapers lack the circular curved lines of the original Apple images. I really enjoy these inspired versions because it simplifies the overall design of the image, while still using a smooth gradient to highlight the Dynamic Island.

Silver iPhone 14 gradient @AR72014 Download
Deep Purple iPhone 14 gradient @AR72014 Download

Space Black iPhone 14 gradient @AR72014 Download
Gold iPhone 14 gradient @AR72014 Download

Below, @jianoliu created similarly inspired iPhone 14 wallpaper designs. While AR72014 kept a similar structure to the layout, the jianoliu downloads take the color bands and twist them on a 45 degree angle. The color band also stretches the length of the image, instead of keeping the dark space in the middle.

iPhone 14 Gold gradient @jianoliu Download
iPhone 14 Deep Purple gradient @jianoliu Download

iPhone 14 Space Black gradient @jianoliu Download
iPhone 14 Silver gradient @jianoliu Download

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Send your own wallpapers my way or links to download repos where I could grab some backgrounds for upcoming posts! The gallery is a community effort! My thanks to AR72014 and jianoliu for sending out the images!

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iPhone 14 advertising wallpapers