Sideloady update brings several more bug fixes & reliability enhancements

Sideloady, a popular alternative to AltStore for sideloading .ipa files onto iPhones and iPads as a means of bypassing the App Store to install apps, received a fresh update on Tuesday in the form of version 0.26.5.

In an announcement post shared to /r/jailbreak this morning, it’s learned that Sideloady version 0.26.5 incorporates the following changes and improvements:

  • Further enhancements have been made to local anisette option for macOS, making it more reliable. The Mail app will automatically open with Sideloady, which is normal behavior and required for local anisette to work.
  • Sideloady can now automatically update the Mail app plugin if required in the future.
  • Fixes an issue where modified and exported Sideloady .ipa files would cause issues when signing with other services.
  • Fixes an issue with .ipa file exporting on Apple silicon-equipped Macs
  • Fixes a crash issue affecting older macOS versions, such as Sierra & High Sierra.
  • Includes many other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

According to the Sideloady team, now that many of these bugs have been ironed out, future updates will spend more time in the user experience department. For example, there are plans to implement automatic refreshing of sideloaded apps, among other things.

The update described above is recommended for all existing Sideloady users because of the bevy of quality of life enhancements and bug fixes. Upon launching your existing installation, the app automatically checks for and installs updates.

If you’re not already using Sideloady, then you can download the latest version from the project’s official website. Furthermore, you can learn more about how to use Sideloady in our step-by-step tutorial.

Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of Sideloady yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.