M2 MacBook Air wallpaper inspirations

At WWDC 2022, Tim Cook and team announced the all new MacBook Air. The new, thin form factor boasts a Midnight blue color way that seems inspired by iPhone. Sized to be even smaller, the new design has 20% less volume than the previous models, at less than .5 inches thin. The hidden upgrade is an all new M2 Apple silicon chipset. With the new marketing materials come incredible, M2 MacBook Air wallpaper and these inspired designs for iPhone.

M2 MacBook Air wallpaper for iPhone

Apple always uses incredible advertising wallpaper images on their site. But, the new iOS, iPadOS, and macOS systems never include the images the crack marketing team uses on the site. Therefore, us wallpaper snobs are left scrambling the internet in search of high resolution downloads of the same image. Often, we are left with recreations or extractions that have been cleaned up using various methods.

Thanks to the four form factor color ways, we have four matching wallpapers on the Apple site. The wallpaper downloads are courtesy of @AR72014. These are optimized versions of the originals, which have been touched up and made available for iPhone. I really love the purple version that is designed for the Space Grey laptop.

Space Gray M2 MacBook Air iPhone wallpaper Download
Silver M2 MacBook Air iPhone wallpaper Download

M2 MacBook Air Starlight iPhone wallpaper Download
M2 MacBook Air Midnight wallpaper iPhone Download

AR72014 is a common feature in our collections and if you want even more of his handiwork, then check out his dedicated iDB wallpaper gallery. As a bonus, the above iPhone downloads are also available in iPad+desktop sizes directly from AR7 himself.

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