Zebra package manager gets updates to enhance the app’s functionality and performance

Anyone who uses the Zebra package manager app to handle jailbreak tweak and add-on installations on their jailbroken iPhones and iPads may want to open the app and refresh their sources.

Zebra received a couple of software updates over the weekend that brought the popular package manager up to version 1.1.27, and then subsequently to version 1.1.27-2.

While the initial update came packed with notable improvements, the secondary update allegedly only addresses a minor build issue with the initial version 1.1.27 release. As for what was new in that update, the change log is as follows:

• Overhauls Zebra’s support for payment vendors, eliminating a whole array of bugs, and adding better error messages when things go wrong.
• Adds support for payment vendors on iOS 9 and 10. This was previous not supported because it relies on a feature added in iOS 11, but a workaround has been implemented to support these earlier versions. This allows logging in, downloading, and making purchases on sources with payment functionality. As Zebra is the only modern package manager supporting iOS 9 and 10, this is the first time payment vendor functionality had become available to these legacy versions.
• Fixes an issue where it was impossible to make a purchase or download existing purchases if the device doesn’t have a passcode configured. As Zebra secures your “payment secret” with Face ID/Touch ID, iOS doesn’t store it at all if there is no passcode set. Zebra previously considered this an error, but now allows you to proceed anyway without the payment secret.
• Adds an error reporting feature so the Zebra Team can automatically receive useful information to fix crashes you run into. This feature is only enabled if you consent to it for privacy reasons. Opting into error reporting can be done in the Zebra app’s settings.
• Changes the Reddit news carousel to load data from an API hosted by the Zebra Team. This is because Reddit broke the news carousel many times previously, and this change makes it easier for the Zebra Team to address issues if and when they arise.
• More all-around optimization of Zebra to reduce the overall package size.

If you’re an existing Zebra package manager user, then we recommend upgrading to the latest version to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the latest features and improvements.

Between support for payment vendors, package purchasing, support for iOS 9 & 10, and the optimizations, this is an update you won’t want to miss.

If you’re not already using Zebra and you feel like giving it a try on your jailbroken device, then you can get it from the Zebra repository. The URL to that repository is included below for your convenience:


Have you gotten to try any of Zebra’s latest improvements yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.