These stunning wallpapers will bring a minimalist calm to your iPhone

Minimal gradient wallpapers usually utilize incredibly smooth color transitions from one to maybe two or three other colors. The beauty is found in the subtle transition and the blending from one color to the next. However, these chunky gradients really caught my eye. Tuns out this “Making Waves” collection is a craft beer-inspired design.

“Making Waves” gradient wallpapers

Quickly becoming an iDB Wallpaper of the Week regular, @BasicAppleGuy found himself entranced by the “lavender tones” in the Chasing Clouds beer label, pictured below. Combining, what I can only assume are two of his passions, great design (and craft beer) and the 2021 M1 iMac colors, the entire “Making Waves” beer wallpaper collection was born. Additionally, the collection features a black and Apple-logo-six-color design to round out the offering.

Despite curating the iDB wallpaper gallery, I do not actually change my device wallpapers regularly. But, this wallpaper collection got me to update everything in my arsenal. I have been switching between the purple and orange variations, found below.

Silver wallpaper with minimal gradient for iPhone Download
Black waving gradient iPhone wallpaper Download

Pink variant Making Waves wallpaper for iPhone Download
iPhone wallpaper in orange banded gradients Download

Minimal gradient iPhone wallpaper in yellow Download
iPhone purple gradient wallpaper Download

iPhone green gradient waving bands iPhone wallpaper Download
Gradient blue wallpaper for iPhone Download

Making Waves Apple Colors iPhone wallpaper Download

You can find even more “Making Waves” wallpapers, for desktop, iPad, and Apple Watch by visiting BasicAppleGuy’s blog post. Additionally, you can find a quick list of his amazing work in the iDB wallpaper subdirectory, just featuring his downloads.

If you love knowing exactly when to download your next fresh batch of crispy wallpapers, give me a follow @jim_gresham, where I curate our gallery. The collection is influenced by interactions with fans of the Wallpapers of the Week section. Send over your favorite wallpapers or ones that you’ve created to be featured! Follow me for sneak peaks of upcoming posts, mid-week downloads, and general Apple banter.

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