iPhone gradient waves wallpapers inspired by iPad mini

I loved all of the hardware refreshes Apple launched in 2021. The iPad mini is one of my favorite. While the design language was an obvious next step, given the existing iPad Pro and iPad Air, the iPad mini redesign was hard to resist. Cramming that edge to edge screen in such a small form factor is awesome and the new color ways are really fun! The iPad mini launched with gradient wallpapers that inspired this Waves wallpaper collection.

Waves wallpapers for iPhone

As shown in the image above, the original iPad mini advertising wallpaper is a smooth gradient, in the form of the word “mini.” Each iPad mini color way received its own wallpaper. By sampling the colors along the gradient spectrum, @BasicAppleGuy created this Wavy wallpaper collection. Consequently, you are presented with a color matching inspired design that offers a totally new take.

When the official iPad mini wallpapers launched, my favorite version was made for the Purple iPad mini. However, in this new collection, I’m really enamored by the Space Gray variation. I love the blues and greens, BasicAppleGuy chose from the spectrum.

Another artistic touch: each wallpaper has its own wave pattern. The artist didn’t just make one wave pattern and slap new colors into a template. Each wallpaper has its own color spectrum and wave pattern. I love that extra touch, especially if you want to use versions in a dual monitor setup.

iPad mini Waves wallpaper in Pink for iPhone Download
Starlight iPad mini inspired wallpaper for iPhone Download

Waves iPhone wallpaper from Space Grey iPad mini Download
Purple iPhone Waves wallpaper inspired by iPad miniWavesPurpleiPhone Download

In our post, I simply featured the iPhone versions of these wallpapers. If you want to download larger versions for iPad or desktop, then visit Waves wallpaper collection on the BasicAppleGuy blog.

If you want to help contribute to the Wallpapers of the Week collection, then catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate our gallery! You can also see sneak peaks of upcoming iDB wallpaper, get mid-week  downloads, and entertain yourself with general Apple, Star Wars, and gadget banter.

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