Zebra package manager updated to v1.1.23 with new app icons, bug fixes, & performance boosts

Good news to all those Zebra fans out there, as it seems the popular alternative package manager app for jailbroken iPhones and iPads has received a sweet update this week.

The latest version of Zebra is now v1.1.23, and citing the details incorporated in the change log for this release, this is no update to scoff at. Check it out:

  • Adds a new app icon, “Z with Stripes,” designed by Alpha_Stream. You can switch to this icon in the Zebra settings.
  • Adds support for the Support: field in package file controls, which can link to a website with additional support information.
  • Adds support for .deb files that contain configuration files (conffiles).
  • Adds a performance optimization for payment providers (such as Chariz, Packix, etc.) while the user is logged out.
  • Fixes an issue causing unnecessary requests to repositories’ featured package banner lists
  • Fixes an issue where Zebra could make invalid requests to payment providers when the payment_endpoint file ends in a newline character.
  • Fixes an issue where missing keys in payment provider responses could cause Zebra to ignore the response entirely.
  • Reduced the Zebra package size by 8.5%.

Many of the changes are performance improvements that users may or may not notice with daily usage, but some of the changes make Zebra a lot more capable of a package manager with respect to repositories.

One of the most eye-catching changes for users is that Zebra now offers a new app icon to choose from, called Z with Stripes by Alpha_Stream, and is available in both light and dark mode configurations:

If you’re already using the Zebra package manager, then this update is available for free by simply updating your sources. Those who haven’t already tried Zebra can do so by adding the following URL to their current package manager app’s repository list:


Zebra is an alternative to default package manager apps like Cydia and Sileo, and is open source on GitHub.

Do you have plans to take advantage of the changes in the latest version of Zebra? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.