How to know your iPhone name and model number

There is over a dozen different models of iPhone that come in different colors, sizes, screen types, and more. If you don’t follow Apple news closely, it can be hard to tell the correct iPhone name or type. To help, here’s how you can easily know the model name and number for your iPhone – even if it doesn’t power on.

iPhone front and back on gray background

How to know your iPhone model name

1) Open Settings and tap General.

2) Tap About.

3) Which iPhone you have is mentioned next to Model Name. Mine is an iPhone 11.

How to see iPhone Model Name

Please note that on old versions of iOS, you cannot see the model name in the settings app. It will just show the model number. In that case, you can follow the methods mentioned below.

How to know your iPhone model number

From the original iPhone introduced in 2007 to the latest iPhone 13 launched in 2021, every iPhone has at least one model number. Once you know this number, it’s easy to identify your iPhone name and model.

First, let us show you how to find your model number on a working or non-working iPhone. And after that, we will tell you how to use the model number to get more information.

1. Look inside iPhone Settings

Go to the Settings app > General > About. Next to Model Number, you have the part number that usually starts with M, N, F, or P. Tap this part number to see your model number, which always starts with A. Model number of my iPhone is A2221.

How to see iPhone model number in Settings app

Tip: Using the part number, you can know if your iPhone is a new retail unit, refurbished, a replacement unit, or one personalized with engraving by Apple.

2. Look at the back of the iPhone

On iPhone 7 and earlier, the model number is mentioned at the back of the iPhone in tiny letters. Remove the iPhone case or skin, and if you see a number starting with “A” next to the word “Model,” that means you have an iPhone 7 or earlier.

Model number at the back of the iPhone
Source: Apple

3. Look inside the iPhone SIM tray

Starting with iPhone 8 and later, the model number isn’t written at the back of the device. Instead, it’s etched inside the SIM slot. To see this, make sure you’re in bright light. Next, remove the SIM card tray. Now, tilt your iPhone appropriately to see the model number mentioned on the upper side.

See Model Number inside iPhone SIM slot
Source: Apple

How to use your iPhone model number

Once you know your iPhone “A” model number using any of the above methods, visit this official Apple Support page. Here, press Command + F or use the Find option in your browser and type the model number. It will take you to your iPhone name. Here, you can see the iPhone image, colors, details, and tech specs.

Apart from the official Apple website mentioned above,,, and (not updated for a long time) have helpful information about every iPhone model. You can check them out to learn other details.

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