Microsoft OneDrive for Apple silicon Macs is now available for public preview

A public preview of the upcoming native version of Microsoft’s OneDrive sync client, optimized for Apple silicon Macs, is now available to download for testing.

A macOS Big Sur screenshot showing the preferences window for Microsoft OneDrive with the option to get pre-release updates turned on
Image credit: Microsoft


  • An ARM-native version of OneDrive sync has just entered a public preview
  • The app improves the experience of using OneDrive on Apple silicon Macs
  • The ARM version will also work with Microsoft’s Windows on ARM project

Does OneDrive run natively on Apple silicon Macs?

The most recent public version of OneDrive is available natively on Intel-based Macs but not on Macs powered by Apple silicon. Thanks to Apple’s Rosetta emulation, people can of course launch OneDrive on their Apple silicon computer but it will run emulated. A native version would drastically improve the experience of using OneDrive on M1 Macs.

“We’re  excited to announce that OneDrive sync for Windows on ARM and for Apple silicon is now available as a public preview!” Microsoft wrote in a post on the official OneDrive blog. “We know this has been a long-awaited and highly requested feature, and we’re thrilled to make it available for early access.”

If you have an M1-powered Mac, it may be a good idea to switch to an ARM-based version of OneDrive for much faster synchronization between all your devices.

Does OneDrive run natively on Apple silicon Macs?

Microsoft has also optimized this new version of OneDrive sync to support Windows on ARM, a version of Windows developed to run natively on Windows devices running on ARM chips. An ARM-native version of OneDrive is available in public preview to everyone who would join Microsoft’s Insiders program which enables access to beta software.

How to get an ARM version of OneDrive

Microsoft says it’ll be rolling out an ARM-optimized version of OneDrive to the Insiders ring over the next few days. After joining the Insiders ring, you must turn on the preview. To do so, launch OneDrive on your Mac and choose Preferences from the OneDrive menu. In the OneDrive preferences window, click the tab labeled About and opt-in by ticking the box next to “Get pre-release Microsoft internal updates”.

Doing so should make a copy of OneDrive built for Apple silicon available to download via OneDrive Settings → About, then click the button labeled “Get Apple silicon build”.

Microsoft isn’t saying how long until the option to switch shows up in your OneDrive settings so check back in a day or two if it’s currently not showing up. I was fortunate enough to see the option appear for me right after turning on the pre-release option. For most other people, it will show up over the next couple of days.

OneDrive for Windows on ARM

This opt-in is also available for Windows devices with the OneDrive app installed. Microsoft provides a support document offering tips for how to choose between the 64-bit, 32-bit and ARM versions of OneDrive.

“If you’re using an ARM-based device, the ARM preview version of OneDrive will be the best experience since the process will not be emulated,” Microsoft clarifies in a support document. “Only ARM-based devices can run the ARM preview version of OneDrive.”