iPhone 13 Pro teardown wallpapers

The iPhone 13 Pro is a modern work of technical genius. One of the heralded upgrades from the previous iPhone generation is a larger battery capacity. You can see the new “L” shaped battery design that is giving some extra charge, in these tear down wallpapers. In addition to the teardown photography, you can also snag an X-ray version that shows off a lot of the cool, upgraded internals.

iPhone 13 internal teardown wallpapers

Over at iFixit, they are incredibly adept at taking apart Apple devices. This skill set allows them to create incredibly detailed manuals for repairing your devices. Not only do they create repair walkthroughs with clear, actionable instructions, they also offer the tools necessary to complete the repair, upgrade or mod. I’ve used their tools and walkthroughs to turn an old MacBook Pro into a lamp!

The internal iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max wallpapers are photographs of the actual guts of iPhone 13. There is an X-ray version of each wallpaper as well. It’s crazy to see how intricately packed all of the components fit inside the device and cool to see the A15 Bionic and Taptic Engine labels. On the X-ray version, the MagSafe magnet ring prominently stands out, in addition to the giant camera lens houses. And, maybe, there is some room down there for a USB-C housing? Thoughts?

iPhone 13 Pro interior wallpaper

iPhone 13 Pro X-ray view inside wallpaper

iPhone 13 Pro Max interior tear down wallpapers

iPhone 13 Pro Max X-ray interior view wallpaper

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