Gurman: Apple will hold another event in October, focused on new Mac and iPad models

There should be an Appleevent in October to discuss new Macs and iPads, including a revamped iPad mini as well as 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros powered by the new A1X chip.


  • Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman confirms what we’ve suspected all along
  • There will be two Apple events, one in September and another in October
  • The October event will focus on M1X MacBook Pros and new iPads

Apple to hold a Mac + iPad event in October

There’ll be two Apple events before 2021 wraps up, according to reliable technology journalist Mark Gurman in both his PowerOn newsletter on Bloomberg and a post on Twitter. This is although the company has yet to announce another event beyond “California Streaming”.

Two fall events each year is something of a tradition for Apple. Everyone following the company knows that September is about new iPhones while October is usually reserved for new iPads and Mac. Therefore, Mark’s comment is more of a confirmation of what we’ve been expecting all along rather than some major scoop.

The claim is tucked under the Q&A section of his newsletter as a response to a reader question. You’re recommedned to check out the latest edition of Mark’s newsletter as it’s a comprehensive report with additional details about what will be announced at each event.

Promotional illustration for the September 14 iPhone 13 event showing a glowing Apple logo outline set against lake scenery shot in the dusk
Apple’s “California Streaming” event starts broadcasting September 24 at 10am PT

Summing up, Tuesday will be about the upcoming iPhone 13 family and the new Apple Watch Series 7. As a last-minute prediction, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he’d also expect to see the third-generation AirPods unveiled on Tuesday.

Apple event in October: Mac + iPad

To reiterate, we’re expecting an October event to be solely dedicated to next-generation Mac and iPad models, including M1X MacBook Pros. Both 14 and 16-inch models are expected powered by the Apple M1X chip, basically an enhanced version of the current Apple M1 chip with additional cores for faster processing.

Download Apple’s “California Streaming” event wallpapers

The notebook is expected to bring back MagSafe power connectivity with a redesigned power connector similar to that on the new 24-inch iMac with magnetic alignment. Those machines should feature an updated, thinner chassis and bring back some of the missing ports, including an SD memory card slot and an HDMI port.

Neither notebook is expected to feature the Touch Bar, an OLED strip above the keyboard with app-specific shortcuts, which Apple is thought to be phasing out.

As for the new iPads, Apple is expected to redesign the iPad mini by shrinking the bezels and expanding the display all the way to the screen edges. This should help increase screen size from 7.9 inches to up to 8.9 inches without making the whole thing bigger.

The sixth-generation iPad mini should also do away with the traditional Home button and adopt a fingerprint reader embedded into a power button like the latest current iPad Air 4 model.

As for the $329 budget iPad, that tablet should be also updated in October with a faster Apple chip, a thinner appearance and possibly other improvements.