Get weather information on your jailbroken iPhone’s Lock Screen with visum

iPhone users that want to know more about the weather outside have a couple of options: 1) view the Weather widget; or 2) open the Weather app.

Even as we approach the upcoming iOS 15 release, it’s somewhat upsetting to reflect upon how the iPhone still doesn’t display weather information on the Lock Screen, as it would provide users with valuable information without unlocking their handset.

Even though we have no idea when or if Apple has any plans to implement such a feature, iOS developer Antony Mhas released a new jailbreak tweak called visum that lets jailbreakers enjoy this highly requested feature right now.

As you’ll see in the screenshot example above, the tweak fills the empty space on the Lock Screen with a small summary of the weather conditions for your current location.

In the above example, the text reads (roughly translated), “Predominantly cloudy. The maximum expected temperature expected is 23°. Cloudy this evening, with a minimum expected temperature of 13°.” The text is complemented with a small cloud glyph, a current temperature reading, and a greeting. The glyph changes with the weather conditions outside.

The visum tweak doesn’t currently come with any options to configure, but that could change in a future update. In the meantime, there’s no way to choose the location that visum shows weather data for, so it uses your current location right out of the box.

Those interested in trying visum can purchase the tweak for $0.99 from the Packix repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices.

Do you wish your iPhone displayed current weather information on the Lock Screen in the manner offered by visum? We’re excited to read your thoughts in the comments section down below.