T-Mobile’s network test drive is easier than ever thanks to an app and the iPhone’s eSIM

It wasn’t all that long ago that Apple introduced the eSIM feature in the iPhone. And while that makes it easy for iPhone owners to have a second phone number on their device, it also makes it easy for networks to try out some interesting features, too. T-Mobile, for instance, is making it easy to test drive its network for potential subscribers.

If you’ve been considering moving to T-Mobile’s service, the wireless carrier offers up a “test drive” feature. This allows would-be customers to try out the network in their area, and in the places they frequent most, to see if it’s up to snuff to warrant a switch. And now, the Uncarrier has confirmed that the feature is more easily available thanks to supporting an app and iPhone’s eSIM.

The Network Test Drive Program now works with an app, which you can download directly, according to Light Reading (via The Verge).

It is all pretty straightforward: you have to have an iPhone that supports eSIM to start. From there, you download the app and go through the setup process. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have 30 days or up to 30GB of data to try out the network. You’ll also get unlimited talk and text.

As far as the iPhone and eSIM is concerned, Apple introduced this feature with the iPhone XS. So as long as you have that phone, or a newer model, you’ll be able to use this new test drive feature from T-Mobile to try out the network.

You can download the app now. It’s free.