WaterField’s leather keychain and luggage tag keep your AirTags scratch-free

WaterField Designs produces great-looking, sturdy leather accessories for your electronics, their latest release being some nicely designed leather protection for your AirTags.


  • New WaterField offerings protect your AirTags from scratches and dings.
  • Perforations let the sound from the AirTag speaker travel freely.
  • These new cases help conceal your AirTags from potential thieves.

Waterfield’s keychain and luggage tag for Apple’s AirTag

As is the case with many Apple products, the $29 AirTag personal item tracker will scratch if you look at it wrong. The AirTag features a polished stainless steel backside with an Apple logo that’s prone all too easily to scratches, dings and other cosmetic damage.

Waterfield’s new keychain and luggage tag offer a solution.

Available in multiple full-grain leather colors, the elegant keychain and luggage tag can be used as matching bag accessories or in contrasting colors to help users quickly locate keys or their suitcase amid a sea of look-alike luggage.

Not only will these new leather accessories protect your AirTags from the scratches that a lot of owners are complaining about but also conceal the personal item tracker from thieves. And with the luggage tag, they may be less likely to remove your AirTag before an attempted steal.

The keychain holds your AirTag between vegetable-tanned leather. It can be attached to luggage with a carabiner or a strong 1.5 mm stainless steel wire that threads through a metal grommet. The heavy-duty matte black ring was designed to hold multiple keys,

The luggage tag, on the other hand, uses two layers of bonded rugged leather to form a custom-fit pocket that your AirTag rests in. It features a stainless steel cable with barrel-closure threads through metal grommets to attach to luggage.

There’s also an included address card or a business card that can be slid behind a clear window covered by a secure leather flap, helping keep your ID information private.

The AirTag also uses a range of sounds to communicate its various state to the user. Now, some AirTag cases unintentionally cover the AirTag speaker, muffling the sound, but that’s a design mistake on part of their makers.

WaterField’s solution to this: decorative perforations with a diamond pattern that allow sound to freely travel from the AirTag speaker to the user.

WaterField AirTag accessories pricing and availability

WaterField’s leather keychain for the AirTag is $25 while the luggage tag is a bit pricier at $49.

The keychain comes in acorn, black, blue or red. The luggage tag is available in black exterior/black interior, blue /black, crimson/black or grizzly brown/black.

The AirTag keychain will start shipping on May 28 while the luggage tag will drop on June 9, 2021. You can preorder both new accessories from WaterField’s web store at sfbags.com.