Colorful iPhone wallpapers to match the new Spring collection of iPhone 12 cases

With new hardware and a new spring season, Apple also “Spring Loaded” new accessory colors for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. The new MagSafe versions of the iPhone 12 silicone cases came in four very springy new color ways, Cantaloupe, Pistachio, Capri Blue, and Amethyst. Some of the Apple Watch bands are near matches to these colors as well. To ensure you can celebrate these new colors without spending any money on new accessories, you can download these color matching wallpapers for iPhone.

Spring 2021 silicone case matching wallpapers

Apple always launches incredible new accessories for the season and I have to try and prevent myself from ordering a new shade every 3-4 months. The spring colors make for great, vibrant backgrounds, and I’m a recent fan of the Braided Loop bands.

The creative work of digital artist @AR72014, the following collection is a perfect match, if you pick up one of the new Apple Silicone MagSafe cases, or one of the Apple Watch variants. Personally, I love the Pistachio color and might order the brand new Pistachio Braided Loop. Coming in a close second is the pale peach color in the Cantaloupe accessories and wallpapers.

Spring 2021 magsafe matching color iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog Pistachio - @AR72014

Apple MagSafe spring colors 2021 Pistachio iPhone wallpaper

Spring 2021 magsafe matching color iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog Capri Blue - @AR72014

Capri Blue MagSafe Apple silicone iPhone case wallpaper for iPhone

Cantaloupe orange iPhone wallpaper to match the 2021 spring MagSafe cases

Spring 2021 magsafe matching color iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog Amethyst - @AR72014

Purple Amethyst iPhone wallpaper to match the Apple MagSafe cases

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