Geometric circles wallpapers for iPhone

It’s always surprising how a simple shape can make such a complex design. A simple circle when utilized en mass creates complex and attractive design. Combining this further with properly selected color an we have an incredible new addition for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week.

Concentric circles wallpaper

Check out @iEditWALLS who posted this collection. According to the account, the process for new walls is “Collect, Edit, Share, Repeat.” The account owner scours the internet looking for incredible images.

Once found, each image is edited, modded, and then formatted to fit mobile devices. The quality on each image is incredible and I often find wallpapers for both iDB and my personal collection using the Twitter account as a resource.

My favorite circle wallpaper is the top option below. The color banding through the various circles, which goes blue to orange is an incredible contrast for a Lock Screen.

Concentric circle iPhone wallpaper iEDITWALLS retoka idownloadblog spectrum

Concentric circles wallpaper with light and dark color variants for iPhone

Dark blue and light blue circle pattern wallpaper for iPhone

Concentric circle iPhone wallpaper iEDITWALLS retoka idownloadblog light

Red center with yellow and blue circles iPhone wallpaper

Concentric circle iPhone wallpaper iEDITWALLS retoka idownloadblog red corner

Sunrise circle wallpaper with red, orange, and blue wallpaper for iPhone

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Incredible wallpapers are everywhere, we just have to find them. If you have any images or know where to find them, be sure to send them my way for inclusion in the collection and a shout out in the post. Wallpapers on the site do not need to be your original works, but make sure to provide artist credit where possible.