WhatsApp is testing three different playback speeds for voice messages

You’ll soon be able to choose between different playback speeds for your voice messages in WhatsApp for iPhone, a boon for those who want to speed up long voice messages.


  • Three playback speeds for voice messages.
  • Speed up a message up to 1.5x and 2x.
  • Coming in WhatsApp

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Voice message playback speed

Aside from the normal playback speed, WhatsApp is now testing the ability for users to speed up a voice message up to 1.5x and 2.0x.

That’s according to WABetaInfo, which tracks unrelated WhatsApp features as the company tests them with beta testers through Apple’s TestFlight Beta Program. The feature will be handy not only if you hate listening to particularly long audio messages but also to speed a voice message if the speaker is using too many pauses, “uhms” and so forth.

It’s present in WhatsApp, which is currently in testing.

WhatsApp could choose to publicly launch the feature when that update is released on the App Store or have it made available via a future update. Both the iOS and Android editions of WhatsApp are currently testing the ability to change the playback speed for voice messages.

Other new features coming to WhatsApp

Facebook has been adding many useful new features to WhatsApp lately, like self-vanishing photos and password protection for WhatsApp’s iCloud backups. The app recently introduced video and audio calling through WhatsApp Desktop.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon offer a sought-after new feature that would permit WhatsApp Desktop to be used without having to keep WhatsApp for iPhone open.

“You don’t need to keep your phone connected to use WhatsApp Web, desktop and Portal,” reads the description of the upcoming feature.

This will let you use up to four WhatsApp devices at once.