Apple starts featuring carrier trade-in iPhone offers on its website

Apple has begun highlighting the various promotional trade-in deals for the latest iPhone from major United States carriers in a new webpage on its website and banner.


  • Currently a US-only thing.
  • Current iPhone 12 deals spotlighted.
  • Apple has its own trade-in program, too.

A screenshot of the Apple website showing the section dedicated to iPhone trade-in deals and offers from US carriers

Carrier deals, directly from Apple

iPhone trade-in deals from major US carriers are now live on the Apple website at The new section is dedicated to current deals on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models offered by AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

According to the webpage:

You can get these special savings when you trade in an eligible iPhone. We’ll guide you through the process and tell you exactly how much you’ll save. Trading in is simple. You’ll receive a prepaid trade-in kit to send back your current iPhone for credit.

These carrier offers are also featured on individual iPhone purchase pages.

Some of the highlights include $700 in savings via AT&T, $320 in savings offered by T-Mobile and Sprint, as well as a $440 credit from Verizon.

How to find the estimated value of your Apple device

Trade-ins and other promotional deals have been a norm when purchasing a new iPhone in the past few years. As prices of premium smartphones have gone up, trade-in deals and installment payments allow customers to get a shiny new device without breaking the bank.

It’s a win not only for the customer but the carrier and Apple as well.