CorelDRAW 2021 is coming to both iPad and Mac, bringing with it support for Apple silicon

Software maker Corel is bringing CorelDRAW, its graphics suite updated for 2021, to Apple’s Mac as well as the iPad, with Apple silicon support coming in the future.


  • You get a new dashboard.
  • Multipage view, multi-asset export.
  • Big Sur-friendly design.
  • Also, Microsoft Teams integration.

Creative suite for flawless results

According to the official announcement, the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is available for Windows and Mac, with support for Apple silicon in tow.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 for Mac is built to take advantage of the exceptional power and performance of the Apple M1 chip. Plus, enjoy menus, windows and views, fields and labels, buttons and other user intercase elements that reflect the latest in macOS Big Sur.

On top of that, there’s now an all-new touch-first Corel experience optimized for the Apple tablet.

As our definition of workplaces is continuously redefined, CorelDRAW is now touch-optimized and available as an all-new iPad app, giving graphics pros new options to be creative anywhere, from virtually any device.

The full CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is available as a subscription for $249 a year. A permanent license will set you back $499.

CorelDRAW combines vector illustration, layout, typography, photo editing and more into a single graphics suite. CorelDRAW has been around for several decades and is one of the first creative apps I’ve learned how to use back in the day when I was starting my career in computers and marketing.

How to sketch in Mac documents with iPhone or iPad

There are too many new features and changes in this edition of CorelDRAW to warrant a long-form post so we’re going to list the changes further ahead for those who want to know what’s new in CorelDRAW 2021

For further information, visit the Corel website.

What’s new and enhanced in CorelDRAW 2021

Here’s everything that has been news implemented or enhanced in CorelDRAW 2021.

  • Dashboard: The dashboard in both CorelDRAW 2021 and CorelDRAW acts as a collaboration hub containing all design files in the cloud, and in a click, displays a preview, the number of comments and team members, and project status. Share designs directly from CorelDRAW 2021 without having to open each file.
  • Live comments: Reviewers and approvers can now comment on and annotate a document in CorelDRAW, with instant feedback appearing in the designer’s working file in the CorelDRAW 2021 application on their Windows or Mac system. Sharing notes and comments in real time eliminates slowdowns and accelerates approvals.
  • Microsoft Teams integration: Enterprise customers can view and edit design files using CorelDRAW for Teams. Sign in with a Microsoft 365 corporate user account to create new designs, and collaboratively review designs with team members right inside Teams channels.
    All-new, flexible design space allows users to work more efficiently and with greater control over their projects and assets.
  • Multipage view: View, manage and edit all of your project’s digital assets in one view. Move and copy objects across pages, compare designs side-by-side, and freely move pages around to arrange them as you wish.
  • Pages docker/inspector: The Pages docker/inspector lists all pages in a design with a new thumbnail grid view, making it easier to manage and sort your pages. Navigate your projects, add, delete, and rename pages, and with a click, switch display modes to either focus on a single page or use the new Multipage View.
  • Multi-asset Export: Save time with a flexible range of options for outputting pages and objects, plus create a customized list of assets to export with one click. Simultaneously export the same design element at different sizes, resolutions, and file formats – ideal for web and mobile app design tasks – or easily export several items using identical settings. Send pages or objects to multiple industry-standard formats, including PDF. Advanced illustration features deliver stunning results in record time with precise layout capabilities and innovative tools that simplify complicated workflows.
  • Perspective drawing: Draw objects or illustrated scenes in perspective, faster and easier than ever. Choose from 1, 2, or 3-point perspective, draw or add an existing group of objects on a shared perspective plane, and move and edit objects freely without losing perspective.
  • Guidelines and Snap to Self: Manage custom guidelines and switch views from world scale to page dimensions with one click. Plus, with Snap to Self, quickly and precisely move and transform design elements with the new ability to turn snapping behaviors on and off.
    With progressive photo editing, Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2021 delivers a faster, easier route to flawless images that exceed client expectations.
  • Adjustments docker/inspector: Get instant access to the most critical and frequently used filters to work non-destructively, in real time, and in context. Quickly isolate objects and areas within your images using the new Local Adjustments Mode. Plus, save settings for reuse and customize favorite filters to get started right away.
  • Replace colors: Available in the new Adjustments docker/inspector, Replace Colors allows you to make targeted and polished edits to an image’s hue, saturation, and lightness. With this improved color workflow, designers can achieve more natural photo editing results, dramatically faster than before.
  • HEIF support: Take advantage of photos captured on iPhones with High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) support, now in both Corel PHOTO-PAINT and CorelDRAW 2021.
    CorelDRAW is everywhere! Say hello to a true cross-platform experience on Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices.
  • Native support for Apple silicon: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 for Mac is built to take advantage of the exceptional power and performance of the Apple M1 chip. Plus, enjoy menus, windows and views, fields and labels, buttons, and other UI elements that reflect the latest in macOS Big Sur.
  • Touch-optimized CorelDRAW: With a new touch-optimized user experience, the CorelDRAW web application expands what’s possible on mobile and tablets.
  • CorelDRAW for iPad: A new iPad app makes it even easier to design on the go while also letting you review and annotate shared design files from anywhere.
  • Display performance on Windows 10: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is optimized to fully leverage your Windows system’s GPU to deliver up to 14.6 times smoother panning and 4.4 times smoother zooming.

This is the first time Corel’s graphics suite is becoming available on the iPad.