macOS Big Sur 11.3 brings an important battery message along with a new Game Center option

The macOS Big Sur 11.3 update brings several new features to the table, including a warning for when your Mac’s battery needs service along with a new Game Center setting.


  • A message when the battery is failing.
  • A toggle for friend connections on Game Center.
  • Also, Rosetta is getting removed in select nations.

A WWDC slide summing up the key Mac features in macOS Big Sur

Enhanced privacy on Game Center

As detailed by iOS developer Steve Moser on Twitter, the macOS Big Sur 11.3 update provides a new toggle through System Preferences → Internet Accounts → Game Center → Details for those times when you’d like to allow Game Center connections with friends.

But what does it precisely do?

From the feature’s description:

Turning off Connect with Friends prevents apps from asking if they can connect you with your Game Center friends and will stop sharing your friends list with previously allowed apps.

There’s also a new warning for malfunctioning batteries.

A message regarding a faulty battery

macOS Big Sur 11.0 introduced a new Battery section within System Preferences complete with usage history charts, scheduling options and helpful features to reduce battery aging. It looks like macOS Big Sur 11.3 will enhance these battery health features with a proactive warning or message for when there might be a problem with the built-in battery.

Concretely, the code strings include a reference to a message, saying “The battery isn’t functioning normally and requires service. Please check your service options”. This could be a possible new battery status or a related notification message. Either way, it looks like your Mac will proactively notify you as soon as your battery starts falling.

macOS 11.3 is coming soon

Other new features in macOS 11.3 include the removal of Rosetta emulation in certain regions (potentially due to legal reasons), the ability to map gaming controller buttons to your keyboard and mouse, richer snoozing options for Calendar notifications and more.

macOS Big Sur 11.3 is currently in developer testing. Apple has not said when the update might release for everyone, but it shouldn’t be too long—we’re expecting it to drop later this month.