The new Brydge 10.2 Max+ wireless keyboard case is made for the 10.2-inch iPad

Bydge is a popular third-party accessory maker for Apple products. That includes keyboard cases for iPad models. And today the company has a brand new option for the 10.2-inch iPad (7th & 8th Gen).

It’s called the 10.2 Max+, so you know which iPad model it will fit right there from the jump. The new wireless keyboard offers not just the keyboard, but a case as well. So it will help protect your iPad when it’s closed, with a cover over the back, and the keyboard itself covering the display.

When it’s open, the 10.2 Max+ wireless keyboard offers a full-size keyboard, with dedicated iOS function row as well. There’s a sizable trackpad as well, which offers native multi-touch support right out of the box. Meanwhile, that protection when the case is closed includes 4-foot drop protection. The case is from Otterbox.

The case also offers antimicrobial protection, and magnetic SnapFit Clamps to hold the iPad in place, and offer multiple viewing angles, while in use. There’s even a dedicated Apple Pencil holder on the top of the case, so the stylus is easily accessible for when you need it.

It’s worth noting that the case itself is standalone, so you’re actually getting two separate products that work together. The case will snap into place on the keyboard, and it’s easy to detach when you don’t need that particular accessory. The keyboard has three adjustable levels of backlight, and the battery inside the wireless keyboard can last up to six months on a single charge.

The case only comes in black, and it’s available to pre-order starting today. It’s priced at $129.99. Brydge says the new keyboard will start shipping in “late March”.

If you have a 10.2-inch iPad, do you think you’ll be trying out this wireless keyboard and case?