Land to space wallpapers for iPhone

On the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection, we tend to post a set of images that fit a similar genre. Space, galaxy, stars, and planetary themes are always popular, when it comes to total visits and download numbers. Today’s set fits within this exact genre and spans from land to space and the stars. Utilizing clever gradients for a pop of color in an otherwise colorless vacuum, these minimal images will make great additions to your collection.

Space iPhone wallpaper

The following collection is from the incredible work of digital artist @AR72014. The first image is titled “Land” and captures the rough texture of what looks like a foreign planet. With a red gradient slowly trickling across the surface, I can help but relate it to the red planet, Mars. There is something about the texture used in the image that I find captivating.

Following, the “Space Transition” wallpapers are in three different colors, blue, green, and pink. With a subtle color at the iOS dock location, it fades quickly into the black of space and the wallpaper is then simply dotted with stars. These images will look especially incredible if you are using a device with an OLED screen, as the black will almost completely turn off backlight.

Land iphone wallpaper AR72014 idownloadblog

Red planet Mars iPhone “Land” wallpaper for iPhone

Transition Space iphone wallpaper AR72014 idownloadblog blue

Blue gradient “Transition Space” wallpaper for iPhone that fades to black

Transition Space iphone wallpaper AR72014 idownloadblog green

Space and stars iPhone wallpaper with a green gradient

Transition Space iphone wallpaper AR72014 idownloadblog pink

Galaxy of stars wallpaper with a pink gradient for iPhone

If you liked today’s collection, make sure to check out the pack below that was previously featured on iDB’s Wallpapers of the Week gallery. You can help curate the collection by submitting images or links to me via @jim_gresham. I utilize twitter to hunt down photo quality wallpapers, post up mid-week downloads, and interact with fans of the collection. Make sure to follow along and send over some tips!

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