Duo iPhone wallpapers with split colors

Over the last few months, a new wallpaper trend is forming. “Duo” wallpapers are popping up around the designer community as a way to splash your Home and Lock Screen with multiple colors. Potentially a result of iOS 14’s ability to add widgets, this Duo iPhone wallpaper pack helps to bifurcate the layout of your icons and on-screen widgets. In another edition of iDB’s Wallpapers of the Week, download your favorites from this complete collection, including colors matching the AirPods Max.

Duo wallpaper pack

iPhone layout creativity truly blossomed in a mainstream way with the launch of iOS 14 customizations. TikTok blew up with how-to videos on Springboard customization. Of course, iDownloadBlog readers are not new to customizing their iOS devices, but it was awesome to see the movement go mainstream.

The Duo wallpapers make for another way to segment your Home Screen. I can easily see using one side of the screen to load up some 2×2 widgets and the right side with your icons of choice. Of course, if you are left handed, you may flip flop that orientation…what if iOS 15 allows us to set a different wallpaper for each page of apps?!

This collection is thanks to iDB regular @AR72014. Make sure to check out his full iDB curated wallpaper gallery. Follow him to get regular downloads via Twitter.

iPhone DUO iPhone wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog

Duo split color iPhone wallpaper in blue gradients

iPhone DUO Dark wallpaper by AR7 idownloadbog

Dark themed split duo iPhone wallpaper

iPhone TRIO wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog

Triple color split iPhone wallpaper with dark dock background

The following five duo iPhone wallpapers are inspired by the fresh new colors of the AirPods Max. The right color is inspired by the headbands and ear cups, while the left color is inspired by the headphone housing. There is also a link farther down to just single color AirPods Max gradients.

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog Sky Blue DUO

Sky Blue AirPods Max duo iPhone wallpaper

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog Pink DUO

AirPods Max pink duo color iPhone wallpaper

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog Green DUO

Green AirPods Max split color wallpaper for iPhone

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog Silver DUO

Silve AirPods Max duo split color iPhone wallpaper

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog Space Gray DUO

Duo split color Space Gray AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper

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