Is your iPhone 12 battery draining quickly on standby, even when on Wi-Fi or with 5G off?

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So how’s your iPhone 12 battery life been so far? If you’ve been seeing an excessive battery drain when idle at a rate of as much as four percent on Wi-Fi, you’re definitely not alone!

As 9to5Mac reported, a growing number of users on Reddit and in Apple’s support forums are reporting being plagued with excessive battery drain. One user has noticed that their device was draining when idle, and with almost no background activity, at a rate of four percent.

This is much faster than my previous iPhone 11 Pro, and to be honest, a faster idle drain than I can actually remember from a new iPhone. First instinct was to disable mobile data to see if it was a 5G thing, but I actually don’t see any real difference from doing that (which makes sense as I’ve been on Wi-Fi 98 percent of the time since I got it.

No matter what I try, it seems to be going down oddly quick. Not to an useable level or anything world ending, but I guess its sort of suspicious. I check the battery report, and it’s not showing any real culprit, just a rapid decline for no clear reason.

Normal battery drain should see the battery usage chart in Settings → Battery drop slightly but not consistently when idle or with Low Power Mode on. Active use contributes to a faster battery drain, but it’s definitely not normal for battery to be consistently dropping when idle.

This is probably another example of an annoying iOS bug that’s affecting a small subset of all the iPhone 12 units out there. Such cases are regular occurrences with every major new iPhone launch and the latest iPhone 12 family is certainly not an exception.

We expect to see this fixed soon via a future iOS software update.