Sonos Black Friday sale takes $100 off the Beam sound bar and other smart speakers

Sonos has joined in on the Black Friday sales fun, offering significant discounts on some of its popular smart speakers. For a limited time, you can pick up the battery-powered Sonos Move, the Sonos Beam TV sound bar and more, for $100 off their retail prices.

Sonos Move

This durable, battery-powered smart speaker is perfect for both indoor and outdoor listening. It’s shock resistant (for drop protection), weather resistant, offers 11 hours of battery life, and of course it supports Apple’s AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and other smart functions.

Buy for $299

Sonos Beam

I’m a huge fan of sound bars, and from what I hear, the Sonos Beam is a good one. It hooks up to your TV to offer room-filling sound for TV, movies, video games and more. Features include Alexa, AirPlay 2 and you can wirelessly connect other Sonos speakers.

Buy for $299

Sonos Sub

This is the third generation of the Sonos Sub, a wireless add-on for your other Sonos speakers. Connect it to the above Beam or even a pair of One SLs to add some serious bass to your TV or music. This thing is massive, but force-canceling drivers mean no vibration.

Buy for $599

We’re not sure how long these prices are good for, but as with the other Black Friday sales, they should be good through at least Friday. Still, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase if something peeks your interest—inventory tends to go quickly during flash sales like this.

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