iPhone 12 internal wallpapers

Any time a new major electronic hits store shelves, iFixit is quickly tearing it apart. Along the way, the team makes incredibly well documented videos of how all pieces come apart and creates repair videos for the DIY folks in the audience. While recently tearing down the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max devices, iFixit captured high quality internal images and turned them into device sized wallpapers.

iPhone 12 internal wallpapers

iFixit is the leading source for all things internal. I utilized their teardown tutorial to turn a 2008 MacBook Pro into a desk lamp! Their high fidelity images and detailed walkthroughs make even a fairly complicated repair seem simple. You can also purchase the tools needed for specific repairs, right from their website.

The following set of iPhone 12 internal wallpapers was created by the team at iFixit. It is fascinating to see how Apple crams all of the necessary components into a small handset, specifically the iPhone 12 mini. With new 5G cellular modems and equipment, saving space was even more important. It is one of the reasons why the iPhone 12 mini battery is so much smaller.

If you are intrigued by the interworking of your device or just have an affinity for customization, these wallpapers are great additions to your new device. As you would suspect, the images are device specific. Consequently, ensure you download the two wallpapers for your iPhone 12 device to guarantee the perfect fit.

iPhone 12 mini internals wallpaper ifixit idownloadblog

iPhone 12 mini teardown wallpaper

iPhone 12 mini x-ray vision internal wallpaper

iPhone 12 Teardown Internals Wallpaper ifixit idownloadblog

iPhone 12 teardown internals wallpaper

iPhone 12 x-ray wallpaper and MagSafe ring

iPhone 12 Pro Teardown Internals Wallpaper ifixit idownloadblog

iPhone 12 Pro internals wallpaper

iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe ring wallpaper

iPhone 12 Pro Max Internals Wallpaper ifixit idownloadblog

iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown parts wallpaper

iPhone 12 Pro Max MagSafe internals wallpaper

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