Podcast: Apple’s Big Mac event

Apple’s Big Mac event is here, so Sebastien and Cody give their expert opinions on everything they expect to see unveiled. There’s also talk of the new iPhone 12 mini and Pro Max, and an update on Cody’s trade-in issues.

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16-inch MacBook Pro:

  • Sebastien: 20% chance
  • Cody: 78% chance

Price of entry level Apple Silicon Mac:

  • Sebastien: less than $1,000
  • Cody: less than $1,000

Touchscreen Mac:

  • Sebastien: 40% chance
  • Cody: 28% chance


  • Sebastien: 2 ports
  • Cody: 1 port


  • Sebastien: 50% chance
  • Cody: 50% chance

AirTag price:

  • Sebastien: under $50
  • Cody: under $50

New headphones:

  • Sebastien: 49% chance
  • Cody: 40% chance

New iMac:

  • Sebastien: 1% chance
  • Cody: 18% chance

Unexpected announcement:

  • Sebastien: 53% chance
  • Cody: 41% chance

Length of the event:

  • Sebastien: 65 minutes
  • Cody: 54 minutes

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