Some users in South Korea are reporting overheating issues with their Apple Watch SE

The new, affordable Apple Watch SE that launched last month is causing headache for an unknown number of local users in South Korea, according to a growing thread on Reddit.

Some units of the new Apple Watch SE are apparently overheating, causing them to exhibit a yellow spot in the upper-right corner of the display. It was unclear at post time how widespread the overheating problem might be. For what it’s worth, however, the Reddit post includes reports from six different users claiming to have been hit with the overheating issue.

From the Reddit post:

The owner received the product on October 8. The owner slept with the watch on the wrist on October 9 night. Woke up on October 10 just to find the wrist is very hot. The owner quickly took off the watch to find the red wrist due to heat. No power signals from the watch, but the sound plays well when the watch is searched with the Find my Watch feature. The owner exchanged the device with a new product on October 16.

MacRumors was unable to find similar reports about the overheating problem on their own forums, the Apple Support Communities or social media networks.

AppleInsider has more:

The post speculates that the location of the issue is above where the display connectors are located, between the Taptic Engine and the Digital Crown. The deduction was made by analyzing teardowns of earlier models, as Apple reused designs and components for the Apple Watch SE and there has yet to be a public teardown of the model.

In at least three instances, Apple has refunded the owner of a malfunctioning watch. A personal response from headquarters is supposedly expected within the coming days.

Apple yesterday released the watchOS 7.0.3 software update that includes a fix for the restart bug plaguing some Apple Watch Series 3 units.