BigBangX helps jailbreakers become more productive in text editing endeavors

Apple went out of its way to make text editing a more effortless and straightforward process, especially with last year’s iOS 13 update, which made it possible to pan bodies of text and move the cursor by tapping and dragging on the keyboard. But if you’re still looking for more, then you might want to check out a newly released jailbreak tweak called BigBangX by iOS developer EVAN.

As noted in the tweak’s depiction page, BigBangX targets advanced typists who demand more out of their text editing experience. In cases where you see yourself needing to grab a portion of a paragraph not adjacent to a word or phrase and use it to continue your intended task, whether that involves one app or several, this tweak lends a lengthy list of handy power features that may help you boost your productivity.

If you’d like to see the tweak in action, then here’s a short demonstration video from the developer:

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Features include:

  • Blow up individual sentences into into individual words and make your own sentences out of the comprising words
  • Customize the BigBangX Action Menu to make it more productive for your use case
  • Customize the style of the splitter interface
  • Integrated tips to help you be more productive with the BigBangX interface
  • Customize haptic feedback effects
  • Full native pasteboard integration
  • Choose a custom position for the BigBangX button
  • Translate or web search for text directly from the BigBangX interface
  • Text recognition for screenshots and more
  • Support for URLScheme
  • View a running history of your BigBangX usage
  • Use Control Center or Activator to summon BigBangX
  • And more…

Once installed, BigBangX adds a dedicated preference pane to the Settings app where users can fine-tune the tweak’s behavior and functionality:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle BigBangX on or off on demand
  • Make adjustments to the menu definition settings
  • Configure your preferred styles and effects
  • Configure pasteboard monitoring and integration
  • Choose how the tweak handles searches and translations
  • Adjust text recognition settings
  • Adjust URLScheme settings
  • Configure miscellaneous functions
  • Configure third-party summoning methods for BigBangX
  • Reset all settings to their defaults

We’ll take you through the aforementioned sections one-by-one below to give you a better idea of the options you can expect:

Menu Definition

  • Enter a custom menu name definition
  • Choose whether to display the name, icon, or both
  • Enable system integration with Action Menu
  • Choose the menu options that appear in the interface:
    • Copy
    • URLScheme
    • Translate
    • Search
    • Share
    • History

Style Effect

  • Choose a style (three to choose from)
  • Choose a background effect (light, dark, or match to system)
  • Choose a font size (12, 14, 16, 18, 20)
  • Enable or disable haptic feedback
  • Choose a haptic feedback strength (weak, medium, strong)
  • Configure tip text (at the bottom, around the close button, turn off entirely)

Pasteboard Monitoring

  • Toggle pasteboard monitoring on or off on demand
  • Configure enabled applications for pasteboard monitoring
  • Choose your preferred button positioning (left, bottom, right)
  • Make miscellaneous adjustments to interface elements
  • Choose what happens when long-pressing on the interface:
    • Translate
    • Share
    • URLScheme
    • Search

Search & Translations

  • Choose between web-based or pop-up interface
  • Choose a translation service for web-based:
    • Google Translate
    • Baidu Translate
    • DeepL Translate
  • Choose a translation service for pop-up:
    • Google Translate
    • Baidu Translate
  • Choose a preferred search engine:
    • Google
    • Bing
    • DuckDuckGo
    • Baidu
    • Yandex
    • Yahoo
    • Doge
  • Choose your preferred language code or ask each time
  • Target specific language codes

Text Recognition

  • Choose preferred language recognition:
    • Chinese and English
    • English
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Italian
    • Russian
  • Choose a menu name for definitions
  • Enable or disable proofreading

URL Scheme Settings

  • Add new URLSchemes
  • Configure Shortcuts

Additional Functions

  • Choose between orderly and disorderly modes
  • Enable or disable complementary spaces
  • Choose the number of history items that may appear in the history list (6, 20, 60, 80, 100)
  • Clear history on demand

Third Party Calling

With no shortage of options, it’s easy to configure BigBangX exactly how you’d like. Whether you’re looking to improve the text editing experience or to make it easier to translate or search for individual words, sentences, or phrases, it’s a great tweak to augment your overall productivity.

Text-editing power users who are interested in trying the new BigBangX tweak can purchase it for $2.50 from the Packix repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices.

Do you think BigBangX offers any features that might appeal to your workflow? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.