The Apple Watch Series 6 comes in new colors and finishes, including PRODUCT(RED)

Apple today during its “Time Flies” online product presentation announced all-new sixth-generation models of its Apple Watch smartwatch that, aside from being able to measure your blood oxygen levels, come in several new colors and finishes.

Firstly, the Apple Watch Series 6 includes an updated classic gold finish (not true gold, of course). In addition to that, you can get it in a new Blue colorway. The Apple Watch Series 6 also includes a Graphite option that should target people who complained about Silver variants being too light and the Space Gray models being too dark.

And last but certainly not least, the new Apple Watch Series 6 comes in PRODUCT(RED) that just looks gorgeous, if Apple’s slides are anything to go by. Needless to say, Apple also has a collection of new watch bands in matching colors.

Say hello to the new Graphite case finish.

Of course, we’ll know how these new finishes look and feel in real life when the new models become available. Until then, stay tuned to iDB as we keep you in the loop with Apple’s announcements.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 in Yellow Gold with a matching band

So, which one of the new color options is your personal favorite?

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