Satechi’s new Quatro USB-C battery bank features Apple Watch and Qi wireless charging

If you’re in the market for a new battery pack, but want some more functionality right out of the box, Satechi might have an option for you.

Today, the company officially unveiled the Quatro USB-C battery bank. It is probably the first of its kind: an external battery that offers not only USB-C and USB-A wired charging, but also Qi and Apple Watch wireless charging. All in a single, portable package.

When it comes to wired charging with the USB-C port, it offers up to 18W PD charging for smartphones and tablets. The dedicated wireless charging pad for the Apple Watch supports up to 2.5W wireless charging. And the Qi-enabled wireless charging pad supports up to 5W wireless charging. That Qi wireless charging section is probably best for your AirPods and AirPods Pro wireless charging case.

Meanwhile, the USB-A wired charging option features up to 12W charging.

The only potential drawback is the 10,000mAh battery to charge all those devices. It won’t be enough to completely charge up a drained iPad Pro, for instance. But it should be enough to make sure you can stay charged enough to keep running.

There are LED lights along the bottom edge to know the power bank’s battery level at a glance. And the accessory retails for $99.99.

Satechi is accepting pre-orders for the Quatro right now, and you can knock off $20 if you do from the company’s website. It is expected to start shipping in mid-October of this year.

Do you plan on picking one up?