Pastel wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

There is a simplicity in singularity, a oneness with uniformity, consistency in completeness. This collection of pastel wallpaper is all of those things. A single, subtle color gradient spans the entirety of your favorite iOS device screen. In fact, the gradient is so subtle I had to use a dropper tool to measure the hex code in different parts of the image to ensure it was actually a gradient. In today’s Wallpapers of the Week curation, I am floored by the rich pervasive color in this collection.

Pastel wallpapers

The following nine pastel wallpaper downloads are original creations by digital artist @Arthur1992aS. You can follow him for regular fresh downloads of new wallpapers!

Pastel wallpapers collection is sized to fit any iPad Pro and, consequently, also a smaller mobile device screen. The subtle gradient looks amazing on either sized screen and makes a perfect Home Screen background image because of the simplicity. No need to crowd up your icons with a busy wallpaper.

Pastel iPhone wallpaper Arthur1992aS iDownloadBlog Black thumbnail

Download Black: iPhone and iPad

Download Blue: iPhone and iPad

Pastel iPhone wallpaper Arthur1992aS iDownloadBlog Green thumbnail

Download Green: iPhone and iPad

Download Orange: iPhone and iPad

Pastel iPhone wallpaper Arthur1992aS iDownloadBlog Pink thumbnail

Download Pink: iPhone and iPad

Download Purple: iPhone and iPad

Pastel iPhone wallpaper Arthur1992aS iDownloadBlog Red thumbnail

Download Red: iPhone and iPad

Download Yellow: iPhone and iPad

Download Mix: iPhone and iPad

If you know where to find a great collection of wallpapers, then catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I moderate the iDB gallery. You don’t need to be the original artist, just send any incredible images my way. Follow along as well for mid-week downloads, sneak peak at upcoming iDB wallpaper posts, and general musings about the upcoming iPhone devices!