Watch iDB’s hands-on video walkthrough of the top 50 new iOS 14 features coming to iPhone

With Monday’s Apple keynote behind us, we’re already in the third day of the WWDC 2020, which means the iDB team has had a decent chance to spend some quality time with the betas by now. We’ve tried out all of the latest improvements that Apple showed off during the pre-recorded keynote or mentioned in developer documentation and on its website.

With that knowledge in mind, we’ve put together a list of what we’re convinced to be some of the best fifty new iPhone features in iOS 14 that should resonate the most with the general public. Our videographer Harris Craycraft has managed to put together a great hands-on video walkthrough, embedded right head, so you guys can see all of our picks in action.

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iOS and iPadOS 14 will drop this fall, most likely a week before new iPhones go on sale.

Your favorite picks?

Now, the specific features that Harris highlighted by no means represent everything new in Apple OS updates, they’re just our collective personal picks that you may disagree with.

That said, we always want to hear what our readers think so feel free to share your own list of your favorite new features in iOS and iPad OS 14 in the comments below.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about all the new stuff in iOS and iPadOS 14 in the coming days, weeks and months so do stay tuned to iDownloadBlog as we’ll be keeping you in the loop.