iOS 14 brings Picture in Picture video to iPhone

On Monday, Apple announced iOS 14 and, of course, a variety of new features to the mix. That includes one of the more oft-requested features: picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-picture does exactly what you think it does: offers up a small windowed view of whatever video you are watching. In Apple’s demonstration, Craig Federighi touched the Smart Stack (a new widget in iOS 14!) and launched an Apple TV+ video. It launched in full screen, but then Federighi swiped up from the bottom of the screen to go Home and then the video popped out into an individual window, in the bottom-right corner. That video can be moved around as needed.

The user can then quickly launch the video back into full screen mode if they want. It’s quick and easy, and should be a welcomed addition for iOS 14 users with an iPhone. Especially with the models with larger displays.

Are you excited about this new feature?