The best solar power banks for the iPhone

The latest iPhones offer pretty good battery life but it’s always handy to carry a portable charger, just in case. Solar power banks are particularly nifty because you can charge them on the go with the sun’s energy. This makes them perfect for outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, backpacking, or a day at the beach where you wouldn’t have access to an electrical power supply.

We’ve picked out some of the best solar power banks for the iPhone that will ensure you never need to worry about a low battery when out and about.

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Best solar chargers for iPhone

Editor’s Choice: Anker PowerCore Solar

anker powercore solar power bank

Just like its USB C power banks, the Anker PowerCore solar power bank is a highly reliable charging solution for your iPhone. It boasts a 10,000mAh capacity and dual USB ports to provide multiple charges. The battery consists of premium heat-resistant materials that can withstand even the strongest sunlight.

Further, it’s sleek and portable, with an IP64 rating for protection against dust and water splashes. This makes it perfect to carry along on your adventures. An added perk is the built-in flashlight that can come in handy after hours. I especially appreciate that this solar power bank comes with an 18-month warranty, all at a pretty affordable cost.

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Best wireless solar charger: BLAVOR

blavor solar power bankOne limitation of my favorite Anker PowerCore solar charger is the lack of wireless charging. Enter the BLAVOR wireless solar power bank with five detachable solar panels. It’s got a massive 20,000mAh capacity and seamlessly supports Qi wireless charging along with wired charging through dual USB ports.

The fold-out solar panels are magnetically attached for convenience and provide a maximum charging current of 1300ma. When the panels are detached, it functions as an individual portable power bank for your iPhone or other devices. It features a built-in LED flashlight and comes with a complimentary compass ring kit.

Price: $57.99

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Best budget solar power bank: ADDTOP

addtop solar power bank

If you’re looking for an affordable solar power bank that gets the job done, you can’t go wrong with ADDTOP. It features four foldable solar panels and a battery capacity of 25,000 mAh. The dual USB ports provide high power output to quickly charge your iPhone from 0%-50% within 30 minutes.

Further, it features a waterproof silicone cover for protection from the elements. And the bright built-in flashlight with three modes makes it a reliable power resource for emergencies or the outdoors.

Price: $35.99

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Best solar charger without a battery: BigBlue

bigblue solar charger

Most solar power banks take a long time to get charged under the sun. They can be inconvenient when you’re going on a long trip or don’t have an electrical power source to charge from. That’s why it can be useful to get this BigBlue 5V 28W solar charger with four foldable solar panels. It functions like a mini power plant to charge your devices via triple USB ports.

It’s perfect for when you go camping or attend a music festival as it harnesses sunlight to power up your devices. Its smart charge technology can automatically recognize any device you connect to provide optimal charging speed while ensuring safety. A special PET polymer surface protects the solar panels from occasional rain or wet fog while rubber covers on the USB ports keep out dust and water. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a battery to store any power. But given its speed and convenience, it’s a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts.


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Best portable power bank: Survival Frog

survival frog solar power bank

The Survival Frog power bank has a capacity of just 6,500 mAh which is lower than the other options on my list, but it still packs a punch. That’s because it charges up quickly with its four high-powered 5.5W solar panels. It supports wireless charging and features two 5V USB output jacks that allow you to charge three devices at the same time.

I love how the power bank is contained within a leather wallet with a waterproof coating on the inside that provides durability, flexibility, and heat resistance. Moreover, it’s got nifty loops and magnets that make it easy to attach to your car or other metal surfaces for easy charging in the sun. List the other options on this list, it features a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies.

Price: $69.97

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Most versatile solar power bank: Raddy SW5

raddy sw5 solar power bank with radio

There’s a special place in my heart for multifunctional tech gadgets and this nifty solar power bank perfectly fits the bill. It’s an all-in-one outdoor companion featuring a 5,000 mAh power bank, IPX5 waterproof case, SOS alarm, compass, reading lamp, flashlight, and AM/FM/NOAA radio.

It has three charging modes via the solar panel, USB ports, and a hand crank that ensures you’re backed up in any situation. Each mode generates sufficient power for the radio, flashlight, reading lamp, or SOS alarm, which makes it a must-have for emergencies. Don’t forget to add this to your gear for your next camping, hiking, or other outdoor adventure!

Price: $38.99

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