Hub is a powerful all-in-one interface for jailbroken iPhones

One of the first things that you’ll want to do after jailbreaking iOS 13 is familiarize yourself with powerful jailbreak tweaks that augment your handset’s native functionality, and a new release called Hub by iOS developer iOSthemem0d is a great place to start whether you’re new to the jailbreaking scene or not.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above, Hub is an omni-functional interface where users can access a plethora of their iPhone’s most essential features in one place. Complete with shortcuts to toggles and apps, a faster way to multitask, and central access to handy on-the-fly modules, Hub is something that can benefit most people in more ways than one.

The Hub interface can be invoked with a gesture of your choosing from just about anywhere in iOS, whether you’re on the Lock screen, glancing at your Home Screen, or browsing an app. Some of Hub’s built-in modules include the following:

  • A central hub where you can view device information, the date & time, the current weather, power modules, battery health, and storage space, among other things
  • A miniaturized web browser
  • A dedicated canvas for doodling
  • A quick access page for getting to up to 16 of your apps and a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app of your choosing
  • A countdown timer that can display a note and animation when the timer ends
  • A mini calculator
  • A page for jotting down up to four notes with titles
  • A world clock page that can display up to four time zones with titles
  • A map browser
  • A sleek stopwatch

Impressive? We thought so too, but the developer is already planning to add more modules in the future, which speaks to the tweak’s versatility and futureproofing.

Once installed, Hub adds a preference pane to the Settings app where you can configure a variety of options to your liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle Hub on or off on demand
  • Configure Hub modules
  • Configure Hub settings
  • Adjust Central Hub settings
  • Adjust Calculator settings
  • Adjust Countdown timer settings
  • Adjust Notepad settings
  • Adjust World Clock settings
  • Adjust Apps Shortcut Settings

And as usual, we’ll break everything down for you below:

Hub Modules

Here, you can enable or disable individual modules by dragging them in and out of the “Enabled” and “Disabled” groups. You can also adjust their order depending on what you use the most.

Hub Settings

  • Choose between light or dark mode
  • Configure a Status Bar gesture to invoke Hub:
    • Long press
    • Double tap
    • Triple tap
  • Adjust the font weight for the labels

Central Hub Settings

  • Enable or disable use of Face ID or Touch ID authentication to unlock visibility of device information
  • Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit for the weather display
  • Configure a preferred free storage space color
  • Configure a preferred used storage space color
  • Configure a preferred available battery color
  • Configure a preferred used battery color

Calculator Settings

  • Enable or disable button colors
  • Choose a color for the calculator buttons

Notepad Settings

  • Configure a preferred notepad interaction tint color
  • Enable and configure custom background colors for each of your four notepads individually
  • Enable and configure custom text colors for each of your four notepads individually

Countdown Timer Settings

  • Set a date and time formatting of your choosing
  • Configure the text that will display when the countdown timer completes
  • Enter a custom title for the countdown timer
  • Enable and configure a background image for the countdown timer
  • Choose an animation effect for the countdown image
  • Enable and configure custom colors for the countdown timer background, circle, and text
  • Enable or disable notes on the countdown page

Apps Shortcut Settings

  • Configure your preferred 16 application shortcuts

World Clock Settings

  • Enable and configure a custom world clock color
  • Configure a time zone, time format, and date format for each of your world clocks

The developer includes a Respring button at the top-right of the primary preference pane to help you save any changes you make.

At first glance, Hub looks like a cool tweak. Upon closer inspection, Hub is an incredible tweak. Those interested in trying Hub can purchase it for $2.49 from the Twickd repository or the Packix repository via their preferred package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices, excluding the first and second-generation iPhone SE.

Do you plan to give Hub a try? Discuss in the comments.