OLED optimized Fold wallpapers for iPhone

Fold Wallpaper preview image

The high end iPhone flagship devices come packed with a fantastically bright, and dark, colorful OLED panel. These panels are maximized for extreme color and complete blacks to sit right next to each other.

Because the pixels are individually illuminated, you can have 100% brightness next to a completely off pixel for incredible inky blacks. These “Fold” style wallpapers take advantage of both that color pop and complete true black canvas.

Fold wallpapers for iPhone

Today’s Wallpapers of the Week “Fold” wallpapers were created by @RshBfn, who described them as “random blobs with folds and overlaps, mainly on one side of the screen to account for widgets and setups.” Clearly, a fan of Home screen customization, RshBfn has a series of posts on his Twitter with links to other images, wallpapers and designs. Go ahead and give a follow!

Check out the four downloads below. The overlapping colors contrast incredibly well and the black background really sets everything on fire.

Fold wallpaper iphone RshBfn idownloadblog 4

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Fold wallpaper iphone RshBfn idownloadblog 2

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

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