DJI’s Mavic Air 2 drone hits Apple stores

Following its debut about ten days ago, DJI’s incredibly compact and powerful new drone, the Mavic Air 2, is now available to purchase through Apple’s online and offline stores.

Arguably the best consumer drone to buy under $1,000, the Mavic Air 2 boosts image quality, introduces new features and increases your flight time over its predecessor. Best of all, this drone folds down into an incredibly compact package that you can easily throw in a bag.

This flying machine shoots 4K resolution video at sixty frames per second, resulting in 120 megabytes per second of footage. That alone is something no other commercial drone is currently capable of. On top of that, you get an impressive 34 minutes of flight time, which is a significant increase over the 21 minutes flight time on the original Mavic Air.

Watch the video review below by The Verge’s Vjeran Pavic.

Other new or enhanced features oof the new Mavic include HDR video, the ability to capture up to 48-megapixel photos, 4x to 8x slow motion video, updated design and safety features, iOS and Android app support and new electronic speed controllers, to mention but a few.

And here’s DJI’s promotional video for the Mavic Air 2.

DJI highlighted the following key features:

  • HDR photos: Mavic Air 2 automatically captures seven varying exposures of the same photograph, merging them together to bring out a highly dynamic image.
  • Hyperlight: Hyperlight is designed for low-light scenarios, taking multiple photographs and merging them to bring out a clear image with less of the noise which usually occurs in low-light scenes.
  • Scene recognition: Mavic Air 2 can recognize five categories of scenes including sunsets, blue skies, grass, snow, and trees, then optimize settings to make the photograph pop by bringing out the highest degree of color, detail, and tones.
  • ActiveTrack 3.0: Select a subject for Mavic Air 2 to automatically follow. The third iteration of ActiveTrack uses state-of-the-art mapping technology and new flight path algorithms to offer improved subject tracking and obstacle avoidance, along with the ability to quickly re-engage the subject if it temporarily moves behind an object.
  • Point of interest 3.0: Set an automated flight path around a specific subject. The updated iteration improves surface recognition to better dynamically track subjects.
  • Spotlight 2.0: Found in professional DJI drones, Spotlight locks a subject in the frame while the user has free operation of the drone’s movement.

The accessory is priced at $799.95 on, a slight premium over DJI’s prices.

If you need the Fly More Combo which includes the drone, three batteries, neutral density camera filters, a charging hub, extra propellers and a shoulder bag, that’ll be $989.95.

The device will start shipping May 12.

DJI’s Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo includes additional accessories

If you’re an Apple Card holder, buying this drone straight from Apple will earn you three percent daily cash (a $24 savings), bringing the final cost before taxes to $775.95. For those wondering, Fly More Combo buyers can save $30 using their Apple Card.

The Mavic Air 2 can also be ordered through the DJI website.