Review: Twelve South’s AirSnap Pro wraps AirPods Pro in genuine leather protection

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

AirPods Pro are a hefty investment at their price point. I never spend that kind of money without taking a look at ways to protect my devices. Twelve South is always creating incredible made-for-Apple products and I turned their direction for protection. With a genuine leather enclosure, the Twelve South AirSnap Pro case is as stylish as utilitarian.

Twelve South AirSnap Pro review

If you saw in my previous post, Colorware sent me a completely customized pair of AirPods Pro in matte black and cosmic purple. You better believe I wanted a way to keep those bad boys protected. With a custom paint job, I cannot stomach having my AirPods Pro charging case just rattling around in my daypack with keys, pens, sunglasses, dust, anything!

Given my positive experience recently reviewing some Twelve South chargers, the HiRise Wireless, HiRise Duet, and Forté, I turned to them for a case. Thanks to Twelve South for sending over the AirSnap Pro case in Cognac for review!

AirSnap Pro is a genuine leather case which protects your AirPods Pro and offers several portability options. Just grab and go, pop your Pods case in there and run. Or, you may want to use the S-clip to attach the case to a backpack, bag, purse, or somewhere near your way out of the house. Additionally, the package includes a wristlet, pictured below, in case you long for the Wii controller feeling.

The leather is thick and sturdy enough to hold its shape, but thin enough to allow passthrough wireless charging. Come back home and plop the whole thing down on your wireless charger and you are good to go. Alternately, the bottom of the case includes an opening wide enough for most MFi certified Lightning cables to charge via wire.

The tiny metal snap is placed just below the charging light, so you can see if there is a positive connection. However, you must open the case flap to see the light. I do wish there was a hole that poked through the case flap to show the light with the case closed. The back of the button, located inside the case, is covered with, what appears to be, a suede sticker of sorts. I tried, not aggressively, to pick it off–mostly wondering if there is a way for me to accidentally scratch my AirPods Pro case, if I frequently took them in-and-out of the AirSnap case. Seems good to go.

The snap is also located at just the perfect spot. AirSnap Pro could not fit the AirPods Pro case more precisely. The charging case slides perfectly down into place, without any tension, but is absolutely snug. Closing the flap, the snap is in the perfect spot to keep everything completely compact. This is important to keep dust out of the case, while it bounces in your pocket or bag.

I’m not crazy enthused with the stitching seem and excess leather than runs around the outside of the case; however, I believe this was most likely required because the case is completely molded full grain leather. Meaning, there is no polycarbonate interior frame onto which the leather was glued, wrapped, or adhered.


Go for it! If you need or want a classic, stylish way to protect your AirPod Pros, then pick up an AirSnap Pro case in Cognac, Black, or Slate Blue for $39.99. This is about the going rate for quality AirPods cases on the market, but some of them lack the carabiner or wristlet. Additionally, lower price points are not going to offer genuine leather, or the amazing real-leather smell. TwelveSouth also offers 30 day returns and a 12 month warranty, proving they stand by their products.

If you are looking for a mini purse, style over the shoulder carrier for AirPods Pro, check out their limited edition AirBag accessory and if you are rocking AirPods, they have an AirSnap for you as well.