Updated Mac mini brings double the storage capacity for the same $799 price

Aside from refreshing the MacBook Air with faster chips, new quad-core options and the reliable scissor keyboard mechanism, Apple also this morning updated its most affordable Mac computer, the beloved Mac mini, by doubling storage capacity without raising price.

The base Mac mini configurations now feature doubled storage capacity at 256 gigabytes versus 128 gigabytes for the previous model. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, storage capacity has been doubled without hiking price of the entry-level $799 model.

The more powerful $1,099 configuration now comes standard with 512GB of storage, like before — again, without raising price. “Whether they are using it as a desktop computer, a music and movie storage hub for the family, or as a code compile server for Xcode, customers love Mac mini,” the company said in a press release.

The new Mac mini remains a BYOKDM computer, as in Bring Your Own Keyboard, Display and Mouse. Its miniature form factor and affordable price make it a great choice for people who want to build a home media server or are just looking to purchase their very first Mac.

Like the previous-generation models, the latest Mac minis rely on fast flash storage. You can configure your Mac mini with up to 2TB of storage via Apple’s build-to-order system.

These refreshed models are made from the same 100 percent recycled aluminum as previous-generation ones. These updated computers replace the previous Mac mini models which as of today are no longer available to purchase from Apple.

The ‌Mac mini‌ was last refreshed in October 2018. Prior to that, the mini-computer saw its last major update as far back as June 2010 (excluding minor revisions).

For further information, visit apple.com/mac-mini.