This amazing clamshell folding iPhone concept will make you a believer

Toronto-Ontario based designer Iskander Utebayev took it upon himself to imagine what a clamshell-folding iPhone might function. His vision for a foldable iPhone may have taken certain cues from recent clamshell devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola’s resurrected Razr, but it’s on a whole new level of intuitiveness.

The following video mockup was posted to Iskander’s Instagram about ten days ago.

Now, we know from patent filings that Apple has entertained the idea of a folding iPhone, but there’s no telling whether or not such an idea might ever see the light of day. Apple’s go-to market strategy also differs from that of many of its rivals, namely Samsung.

Instead of being first, Apple prefers to employ waiting tactics until a certain market segment has matured. That being said, Apple fans, financial institutions like Bank of Americasuppliers like LG and even rivals like Samsung believe a folding iPhone is a question of “when”, not “if”.

From Apple’s patent grant: a folding iPhone may bend along a center line that splits the device into two screen halves

In February 2020, a new Apple patent filing for a flexible display was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The filing outlined, in broad strokes, a clamshell-folding iPhone devices similar to the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr that would sport a hinge mechanism and ensure there’s adequate space between the folding portions of the display to prevent issues.

The video showed earlier in this post isn’t the only conceptual design for a future iPhone that Iskander came up with. Last November, for example, he posted a cool video on his Twitter showing off his ideas for an “iPhone Slide Pro” that you can watch right ahead.

So, how do you like Iskander’s clamshell-folding iPhone vision?

I think it’s quite sophisticated in terms of breadth and scope. This is probably the most accomplished conceptual design for a folding iPhone that I’ve seen thus far.


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