Steve Wozniak’s salary from Apple earns him around $50 per week after savings and taxes

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s salary from Apple as an employee reportedly earns him approximately fifty bucks per week after savings and taxes.

That tidbit was revealed by none other than Wozniak himself in a recent podcast interview with former Apple employee and evangelist Guy Kawasaki that was summarized by CNET.

He said of his pay from Apple:

It’s small, but it’s out of loyalty, because what could I do that’s more important in my life? Nobody’s going to fire me. And I really do have strong feelings always for Apple.

For clarity, even though another Steve who co-founded the company, Steve Jobs, used to earn $1 per year from Apple, his real wealth came from stock ownership. Wozniak went on to add that Jobs wanted to be important but had zero money at the time.

Here’s an excerpt:

So he was always looking for little ways to make a next step in money and he wanted to be that important person in life. And this was his big chance, because now he was founder of a company with big money being put in.

The legendary computer engineer who developed the Apple I and Apple II is the only person at Apple getting a paycheck from the company regularly each week since its start.