Carbonite enriches the Reachability interface with new functionality

Reachability is a feature Apple put into iOS to make using taller iPhones easier with just one hand, especially for the small-handed folk out there. But if you have the ability to reach that high up with just your thumb when using your iPhone one-handed or you want to make better use of the space when using two hands, then you might view the Reachability interface as a complete and utter waste of space.

If you identify as the latter category, then you’ll probably come to appreciate that of a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Carbonite by iOS developer Antique. This tweak aims to make the Reachability interface more useful by filling it with toggles and shortcuts that can make your life easier in day-to-day usage.

As you can discern for yourself in the screenshot example above, Carbonite looks just as great as it works. The tweak incorporates Control Center-style toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Rotation Lock, and AirDrop into the top of the Reachability interface, and it even includes a date and time display and a quick shortcut to the Settings app.

As you might come to expect, getting to Carbonite is as simple as invoking Reachability, which on newer devices necessitates swiping down from the Home Bar. You can close Carbonite with the chevron-shaped grabber at the bottom or by swiping back up.

Carbonite is a great way to breathe new life and functionality into an otherwise forgotten part of iOS, and if you’re interested in trying the tweak out for yourself, then you can purchase it from the Twickd repository for $1.29 via any package manager of your choosing. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 12 and 13 devices only.

Do you think Carbonite improves the Reachability interface as it comes out of the box? Disucss in the comments.