PopSockets PopPower wireless charger lets you keep your PopGrip on

PopSockets has become one of the most popular accessory makers out there, and now they have a wireless charger. It looks like a donut!

PopSockets announced its newest product today during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week. It’s one of those accessories that certainly falls into the category of, “Why did this take so long?” Because it sounds actually helpful! Even if it does look like a donut.

Of course, that design has a reason: so you don’t have to remove the PopGrips every time you want to wirelessly charge your iPhone. The wireless charger is called the PopPower Home Charger, and the PopGrips fits within the recess of the wireless charger so you don’t have to remove the grip.

The PopPower Home Charger is Qi-certified and developed by NuCurrent. It will work with thick cases, and it supports fast charging as well.

The PopPower wireless charger comes in three colors: cosmic cloud, mountainscape, and matte white. You can buy the new wireless charger right now for $60.

Who’s picking one up?