My favorite tech products of 2019

As the guy behind iDB’s annual gift guide, and various other reviews and roundups throughout the year, I get to try out a number of gizmos and gadgets. Everything from wireless chargers to car chargers, headphones, keyboards and much more. Given that experience, and the current time of year, I figured now would be a good time to roundup some of my favorite tech products of 2019.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue

I included this keyboard in my 2019 Mac-focused holiday gift guide, and felt it was worth mentioning here. As someone who suffers from achy wrists/fingers , I wish I had switched to an ergonomic keyboard years ago. The Freestyle2 takes a few days to get used to, but after that it feels noticeably more comfortable to type on. It has the beloved touch/sound of a mechanical keyboard, several programmable shortcut keys, and it connects via Bluetooth.

Buy for $99

Logitech MX Master 3

I’ve been using the MX Master 3 for a few months now, and for my money, this is about the best mouse you can buy. Now it’s not the first one I’d recommend for gaming, and there are obviously countless cheaper mice out there, but this one is super accurate and offers a tremendous scroll wheel, customizable buttons, and a comfortable design for long-term use. Plus it connects to devices is Bluetooth, and you can switch between 3 of them in real time with the touch of a button.

Buy for $99

AirPods Pro

Are they expensive? Yes. Are they the best noise canceling headphones available? No. But I would still happily recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of wireless earbuds. They sound great, they connect to Apple devices almost instantly, and they come with a handy wireless charging case.

Buy for $235

iPhone 11 Pro

It’s not very often I feel that Apple really hit a home run with an iPhone upgrade, but I think most would say they did this year with the iPhone 11 Pro. Sure the design is getting a bit stale, but the camera and battery life—two of the most common features smartphone users say are important to them—are among the best on the market right now. I can’t remember the last time two high profile iPhone features saw this big of leap from year-to-year.

Buy for $999

Belkin boost Up wireless dock

The Belkin Boost Up wireless charging station sits on my nightstand, meaning I’m using it every day. I sometimes wish it had a spot for charging AirPods, but otherwise it’s the perfect bedside device. I can drop both my iPhone and Apple Watch onto their respective chargers, to charge overnight, without having to worry about wires.

Buy for $120

RavPower 61W wall charger PD 3.0

The RavPower 61W Wall Charger is an ultra-powerful, ultra portable power adapter that can be used to reliably charge just about any device. Now I could tell you all about its fancy tech like Gallium Nitride and PI chipsets, but all you really need to know is that it works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even the Nintendo Switch.

Buy for $36

Whoop 3.0 Fitness Band

The Apple Watch is perfectly fine for tracking simple activities like walking and running, but if you want advanced analytics, you’re going to need a Whoop strap. The fitness band made popular by Joe Rogan and friends can track things like reduced RHR (reduced resting heart rate) and increased HRV (increased heart heart rate variability), so you know when to push harder in your workouts, and when to take a day off.

Buy for as low as $30

Vizio 2-channel sound bar

In a world where sound bars are expected to be 3 feet wide, with wireless speakers and built-in voice assistants, this two-channel, stand-alone bar from Vizio sticks out for its simplicity. I bought one for my mom and I couldn’t have been more impressed for the size and money. It’s super easy to use, it sounds great, it took care of the nagging “the soundtrack is way louder than the dialogue ” issue, and it can even been used as a sharp-sounding Bluetooth speaker.

Buy for $68

Roborock S5 robot vacuum

I’ve tried my fair share of robot vacuums over the years, and my biggest complaints have always been poor suction power and lack of intelligence—there’s a spot between the couch and coffee table where they would always get stuck. The Roborock S5 doesn’t suffer from either of those problems. The suction power is on par with your average stand-up vacuum and it uses Lidar navigation to maneuver around obstacles. Bonus features include 150 minute battery life and a built-in mop.

Buy for $600

What were some of your favorite tech products of 2019?