Plex just added thousands of free streaming movies and TV shows to your library

You can now add Plex to that growing list of consumer video services as the company today launched its ad-supported streaming service globally, offering not only Hollywood movies and TV shows but also extreme sports films, music documentaries, Bollywood musicals and more.

You even get content recommendations based on your existing media collection, just like they do with your music library and Tidal.

We wanted to build a free streaming service that we would want to watch ourselves. And of course, Plex isn’t only a free streaming service. We provide you and your family a single, beautiful place to curate and stream all your stored videos and photos, favorite podcasts, movies, web shows, news, live TV and even your carefully-curated music collection. In other words, with Plex you become master of your mediaverse.

Best of all, the new ad-supported video on demand feature is accessible in more than 200 countries worldwide where Plex is available. The service is available to anyone with a free Plex account regardless of whether or not they’re a Plex Pass subscriber.

If you don’t yet see new on-demand content right on your Plex home screen, check back later because Plex has acknowledged that this is a staggered rollout.

“While there might be, oh, one or two other streaming services already out there, we’re building on our decade of extreme passion for media to deliver the best experience possible while also giving you the control and customization to stream it your way,” Plex noted on its blog.

Don’t worry, your personal video library in Plex continues to be free of ads.

As a matter of fact, you can hide free content from your library at will.

To be able to offer free movies and TV shows supported by advertising and without a subscription, the company has partnered with some pretty notable Hollywood majors including MGM, Warner Bros, Domestic Television Distribution, Lionsgate and Legendary.

In the past few months, Plex has been experimenting with this service in select countries.

As of today, the company is offering this free content to all of its customers, with more free movies and TV shows hitting the platform in the future. The company aims to deliver “more content to more countries than any other free streaming service to date.”

The Plex app is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, Android and consoles.